Frequently Asked Questions

What type of leather do I have?

There are a few different types of leather and it is important to know your leather type before carrying out any cleaning or repairs.  Please see our Identify Your Leather page for instructions on how to check your type of leather.

How should I clean my leather?

Leathers should be cleaned with a neutral water-based cleaner and protected every 3-6 months. Areas of high usage should be cleaned more requlary due to more wear and tear.

We recommend Simply Leather's range of cleaners.

How do I remove stains?

Removing stains will depnd on the type of stain, please see our problem solver for more details.

How do I repair colour damaged leather? ( e.g. scratches, fading etc. )

For light scratches on aniline leather use our Leather Colour Restorer to remove the scratches. For deeper scratches you will need to use our Leather Colourant to re-colour the leather. Using our Leather Protection Cream after the repair will help even out the scratches and prevent new ones from appearing.

How do I repair burns, tears or holes?

The Leather Clinic offers a series of individual repair items as well as kits that can be used to repair rips, holes and burns in leather.

For our in-depth repair instruction, please go to our Leather repair manual.

Can I change the colour of my leather?

In most cases it is very possible for you to change the colour of your leather, however we do not recommend re-colouring nubuck/suede, was or oil leathers.

On aniline leather you can change the colour of your leather, provided that you are darkening the leather within the same general colour.

For top-coated or pigmented leathers you can change the colour to any colour you would like.

How do I select the the correct colour for my leather?

For furniture repair, select the closest shade of colour from our colour chart and purchase our Leather Colour Coat/Re-Colouring kit. This kit contains a series of tints to allow you to alter the base colour to match your leather perfectly.

For car leather, your car manufacturer or dealer will be able to provide you with the colour code, this can then be matched to our colour chart.

If you cannot find your colour online, we can also match custom colours. You will need to provide a leather sample for us to match, this must be at least the size of a 50p coin.

What are the shipping costs/delivery times?